160 Meter Band

160 Meter Band




The 160 meter band is the oldest of the amateur bands and is considered the “Gentleman’s Band”. Local contacts can be made during the day and DX contacts can be made at night particularly during the sunrise and sunset times. Avoid interference to radiolocation operations from 1.900 to 2.00 MHz.

SSB Phone is LSB

Half-Wave Dipole


Freqs. (MHz) Activites
 1.800-2.000 CW
 1.800-1.810 Digital Modes
 1.810 CW QRP Calling Frequency
 1.825 LSB QRP Calling Frequency
 1.838 JT-65
 1.838.150 PSK31
 1.843-2.000 SSB, SSTV, and other wideband modes
 1.885 AM Calling Frequency
 1.910 LSB Calling Frequency
 1.995-2.000 Experimental
 1.999-2.000 Beacons